Love Come Down (a spoken word poem)

Dusted off my KORG synth, recited a new poem, and pressed RECORD.

Feel free to listen.  It’s free…like all good things.

#SpokenWord #Poetry.

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We lay upon the grass under the stars;

above us the evening sky was dark and clear,

Behold! A shooting star!

Its bright golden tail

scribbled our names across the sky.


It was then that we were lifted up

into the rhapsody of a cobalt space

where stars uncoiled like illuminated threads,

encircling us

in the celestial love that God had set into motion

before the foundation of the universe.


The stars watched on, some flickering,

some exploding, sprinkling

resplendent flakes of light to the earth below as

sweet music played,

familiar in some way, ancient in another.


Within the midst of moonlight,

we spun under Nature’s sweet protection

with no walls; just the roof of a watchful sky.

And I sensed that were loved — in an infinite way.

Love come down…

Feel Him in the motion of a storm, in emotion, in each breath.


We step back into the world where time is not our own.

and expectations are like slick green moss under our feet –

that sometimes causes us to slip –

reminding us that we are never in complete control.

Within the worst of times,

when all seems bleak, and all words fail,

and greatness is cut down like a grand old oak,

God is still in the midst.

When we find ourselves alone on a deserted beach –

with only the raging sea before us – He is there.

He is with me.

My family and friends are with me.

Like the sun that spreads its rays across the surface of the earth

awakening all life and penetrating all that lies beneath

with the promise of eternity and the promise of love.


There in the light of who I am

and the ashes of who I was,

I can still see us all together,


floating like weightless flurries in the air that sometimes —

from certain angles —

glisten like diamonds in the sun

as love comes down.