Mary C. M. Phillips is a caffeinated wife, working mom, writer and avid reader.  Her work can be read in numerous national best-selling anthologies.
* * *

I enjoy writing inspirational stories about motherhood, couple-hood, and the struggles of daily life.  In today’s world, it’s important to offer an encouraging word whenever possible. 

As a reader, my taste widely varies.  Well-written books that convey the flaws of human nature are somehow comforting.  They certainly make us feel less alone.     

I’m looking forward to sharing some new fiction in 2017.  Two are Austen-esque in genre while another is fable-like and Christian in philosophy.  Links to new Chicken Soup for the Soul essays will be posted on my blog just as soon as they’re available on B&N or amazon.com.  

As a musician, I spent the better part of my twenties/thirties recording and/or touring with artists such as Matthew Sweet, The Wygals, Marti Jones, Don Dixon, Laura Hawthorne, Rob Bartlett, Barry Mitchell, and more recently, Red Words.   

Today, I juggle.  My life consists of raising my son, spending time with my husband, and working for a private investment firm in New York City.  Whenever I have free time, I walk my dogs, read….and write.