Mary C. M. Phillips is a caffeinated wife, working mom, and writer.  Her work has been published in numerous national best-selling anthologies.
* * *

I enjoy writing inspirational stories about motherhood, couple-hood, and the struggles of daily life.  In today’s world, it’s important to offer an encouraging word whenever possible. 

As a reader, my taste widely varies, however,  I’m particularly fond of the works of Jane Austen.  Well-written stories that convey the flaws of human nature are somehow comforting.  They certainly make us feel less alone.     

In March 2018, I combined my two obsessions into one novelette/ebook with Pride and Prejudice and Coffee – an Austenesque romance and brief exploration of the coffee industry (see sidebar at right).

Currently, I’m mostly reading and polishing poems for a second chapbook.  It will be a labor of love and not even remotely commercial.    

As a musician, I have recorded and/or toured nationally with artists such as Matthew Sweet, The Wygals, Marti Jones, Don Dixon, Laura Hawthorne, Rob Bartlett, Barry Mitchell, and Red Words.   

Today, like most of us, I juggle.  I’m a wife, mom, and work part time in New York City.  To satisfy my talkative inner life, I write…coffee always within reach.   

God bless.