Mary C. M. Phillips is a caffeinated wife, working mother, reader, and writer.  Her stories and essays have been published in numerous national best-selling anthologies.
* * *

I enjoy writing inspirational stories about motherhood, couple-hood, and the struggles of daily life.  In today’s world, it’s important to offer an encouraging word whenever possible.  

As a reader, I’m particularly drawn to the works of Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, and J.R.R. Tolkien whose timeless voices remain relevant.  Most of my posts are related to these writers and the process of writing.   

As a musician (in the past) I’ve recorded and/or toured nationally with artists such as Matthew Sweet, The Wygals, Marti Jones, Don Dixon, and Venus-II and performed comedic parodies (on television and stage) with comedians/satirists, Rob Bartlett and Barry Mitchell.  

Today, like most of us, I juggle.  I’m a wife and mother and work part time for a private investment firm in New York City.  To satisfy my talkative inner life, I write…coffee always within reach.