from all I left behind,
now I waken
the soul-side of my mind…
* * *
Mary C. M. Phillips is a caffeinated wife, working mother, and writer. Her stories and essays have appeared in numerous national bestselling anthologies (see menu above).
headshot on the hill


Writing inspirational essays and poetry is a way of seeking — and conveying — the invisible. It also helps us to see beauty in others. Good words — like choice musical notes — quiet the restless soul.  

As a reader, I’m particularly drawn to the works of Jane Austen and am a member of the Jane Austen Society (see link on right).  Some of my writing falls into the genre of Jane Austen fan fiction.  

*  *  *

As a musician, Mary made up half of the synth-pop band, Venus II (“Oh Boy” on Wide Angle/TwinTone Records) with her good friend, Cathy Harrington. She has recorded and/or toured with Venus II, Matthew Sweet, The Wygals, Faye Hunter, Chris Stamey, Marti Jones, Don Dixon, Red Words and has performed musical comedy/satire with Rob Bartlett and Barry Mitchell.  

To satisfy her talkative inner life, Mary enjoys composing stories, poetry, and writing in the third person.