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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers is available where books are sold.   2013marybnwriters

One of my essays is included in the collection.

It’s a story of determination and validation.

Once we realize that we have a voice, we need to honor that realization by putting aside the needed time it takes to create art.  Whether it be an essay, a short story, novel, or poem.

Putting aside that time takes discipline.

Like Stephen King once said (and this is certainly not one of my favorite Stephen King quotes), “All it takes is butt glue.”

When asked in an interview how he overcomes “writers-block” and is able to turn out so many good stories, he replied, “Butt glue is glueing your butt to the chair in front of the computer and not getting up until you’ve written something.”

I’ll never be a Stephen King.  I just won’t.  But…I know I can do a whole lot better if I apply certain writing disciplines into my daily routine (like staying off Facebook).

With stories by J. A. Jance, Sarah Darer Littman, and my personal favorite, Mimi Greenwood Knight, any writer (or blogger)  — whether budding or bestselling — will find encouraging words to help them along in their chosen path and craft.

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