5 thoughts on “The Blinding Power of Pride

  1. That was a very insightful post, thank you! I loved the bit about Emma drawing Harriet ‘too tall’…only Mr. Knightley was astute enough to catch that unconscious sleight of hand, and rightly discern the reason!


  2. Thanks again for writing this piece for my Emma series, Mary! It’s always a pleasure to celebrate Jane Austen with you. And to celebrate Edith Wharton as well — do you have any plans for marking her birthday later this month? I’m thinking about writing something for my blog — not exactly sure yet, but I’d like to do something to honour the occasion.


    • Thanks for letting me participate! It’s amazing how thought-provoking an Austen book can be. She must have had such fun writing Emma with so much narrative misdirection…leaving little literary breadcrumbs along the way for her readers. Am not sure about posting yet for Wharton’s birthday….perhaps. But will certainly read yours! Thanks again!


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