Breaking Bread with Chicken Soup for the Soul

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend a luncheon with fellow contributors and the staff of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

What I like most about the stories I read in these books is that they usually end in an epiphany…and I like epiphanies.

I know I’m always thankful when others encourage me.  There are days in which I feel God himself has sent certain messengers into my life.  Thank you messengers!

The Chicken Soup for the Soul event included a fabulous lunch at Coast (in Cos Cob, CT), a delightful presentation by Editor-in-Chief, Amy Newmark, and a tour of their headquarters.

I was inspired throughout the day and was honored to share a table with fellow writers, Priscilla Whitley and Elisa Yager.

What impressed me the most was Chicken Soup for the Soul’s positive vision for the future.  Their  anti-bullying program is so needed in today’s environment (there’s a lot of peer pressure out there)!

Being kind, accepting diversity, and encouraging others is what #CSS is all about and I’m so happy to be a very small part of that community.


From L-R:  Kristi Pastir, CSS; Priscilla, Elisa, Amy Newmark, CSS; me; and Beth (fellow contributor)

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