Talking about Jane…

A day at the library with friends, family, and fellow Janeites.  What could be better?

Kelly Tanza and Mary C.M. Phillips at the Malverne Public Library, March 2012.

Today was the preview of The Life and Writings of Jane Austen at the Malverne Library.

Along with musician, Kelly Tanza, who contributed her beautiful melodies (vocal and harpsichord/pianoforte synthesizer), we talked about books, letters, writing and Jane, Jane, Jane.

One hour of Jane-talk flew by in a Colin Firth heartbeat.

Thank you to the Malverne Public Library and everyone who came out today to join us.

It made me ever so happy to see the smiling faces of fellow Jane Austen enthusiasts; and it made me even happier to see newly sparked interest in those unfamiliar with our girl.

A joyous event and all around a great day!

If you would like to have our presentation at your library or school simply click here for more information.  (The presentation is available through Nassau County Boces Arts-in-Education as of September 2012).

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