Picking up my quill

I decided to participate in Mary Robinette Kowal’s Month of Letters Challenge which begins in February.

For one month, I will write at least one letter per day.  

Challenging, yes, but I’m looking forward to turning back the clock, if only for a month.

Although I revel in modern methods of correspondence; blogs, twitter, and facebook, I still love the more antiquated form of letter writing.  I appreciate good paper and heavy parchment (hence my obsession with chapbooks) and am particularly fond of Sabon 10 font.

I love listening to the music of Robert Schumann, the charm of lace, old amplifiers (Fender), large dial radios, and vintage guitars; and gravitate towards more classical material particularly books and movies.  (I still, however, love modern medicine and toilet paper).

Today I’m wearing my new (old-fashioned) lace up boots; with long laces,  in “Victorian steam-punk” style (thank you Erin, for the accurate term) and lovely tapestry lining!  

Tapestry lining?  Who’s ever gonna see that?! said my practical husband.  (See photo on right).

I’m also currently re-reading Jane Austen’s Emma along with The Dark Jane Austen Book Club bringing to mind pretty parasols, gowns, and of course good manners.

So old-fashioned letter-writing will be a breeze.

A pleasant and friendly breeze.

*     *     *     *

*    *    *

“You should wear half boots.” After another pause: “Nothing sets off a neat ankle more than a half boot; nankeen galoshed with black looks very well. Do not you like half boots?”

“Yes; but unless they are so stout as to injure their beauty, they are not fit for country walking.”

– Jane Austen, The Watsons

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