A Jane Austen Devotional

I have a couple of addictions.

Drinking coffee is at the top of the list and I am thankful for the daily fix supplied by my trusty Keurig.

The other of course, of late, has been reading Jane Austen.  As an addict can simply never get enough, and six novels can be re-read only so many times, I’ve moved onto sequels and the various mash-ups in the Austen genre.

No complaints. None.

Reading classics is a good obsession and one I won’t be giving up.

But I’ve been slacking off in other areas.  Two in particular:  working-out and reading my Bible.

But, thanks to Thomas Nelson and writer, Steffany Woolsey, A Jane Austen Devotional, is getting me back on track.  Each devotional (about 100 in the book) begins with an excerpt from an Austen book, followed by a spiritual teaching (say, a lesson on hypocrisy regarding Mr. Collins) and then ending with a verse of scripture.   The book itself is a beautiful clothbound hardcover.

It is the perfect, without question, perfect book for me.

I am slacking off a bit less than usual.

Now all I need is a treadmill.

*   *   *

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