Beyond Books

Megan Bekkedahl and Melaina Lausen launched their first book, Beyond the Clouds, in order to write productively while Megan’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan.

Megan Bekkedahl

Both writers and moms, they designed anthologies of two-minute tales for women on the go.

Their new book for moms, Beyond the Diaper Bagis a collection of humorous stories, inspirational moments and helpful tips from real moms and, authors’ proceeds are donated to The Mommies Network.  My essay, Kissing Millard Fillmore, is one of the essays included in the book.

“How does it feel to see your vision now realized  — with writers from all across the globe  — contributing stories to your books?,” I asked Megan.

Melaina Lausen

We’re just incredibly happy and amazed from the overwhelmingly positive response.  We had planned, after Beyond the Clouds, to take a short break before the next book, but then we were contacted by MOPS  who graciously invited us to exhibit our books at this year’s convention.  We quickly said “Yes,” and now here we are.   

(They are currently in the editing stages of their third anthology;  Beyond the Uniform, which will be published later this year).

I’m excited for both Megan and Melaina, and Beyond BOOKS.  And I’m also happy to have met other contemporary women writers, who like me, journal their lives into narrative essays.

So, Hurray for Beyond BOOKS and another productive relationship formed via my ongoing love/hate  relationship with facebook.

Click HERE to purchase Beyond the Diaper Bag. 100% percent of proceeds are donated to The Mommies Network.

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