A Cup of Comfort…for Consumption

Christmas is right around the corner!

A Starbucks card is always a nice gift. Or, a box of Scotchmallows from See’s Candies.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best gifts are consumable…at least for me.  Having too much “stuff” collecting dust throughout my house wears one down.  No, I do not like “stuff.”

Isn’t the first step to financial peace (according to financial guru Dave Ramsey), getting over the sickness of “stuff-itis?”

This year, it’s coffee, chocolate, candles and…a few good books for my mind’s consumption.

Speaking of good books, why not put this one ( \”A Cup of Comfort for Couples\” ) in that special someone’s stocking?  It’s full of  flirtatious, humorous, touching, and endearing stories of couples who have found true love in unexpected places.  In fact, I’m one of the contributing writers (Surprise, surprise.)

It truly is a wonderful collection of short stories by some of today’s best writers.

Who needs another sweater, really?!


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